Daniel Kahlin: Software/C64DTV Tuesday, 23 July 2024, 20:41 (Stockholm)

C64DTV stuff

Use this as much as you want, but please give proper credits.
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/Daniel Kahlin (tlr)

Utilities for the Flash Memory

Check the C64DTV Flash page.


Check the DTVMON ml-monitor page.

Transfer Cable

Check the C64DTV Transfer Cable page.

Color Fix

Check the C64DTV Color Fix page.

Keyboard and Joystick

Check the C64DTV Keyboard and Joystick page.

Recent files

flash-1.0.zipTool to write new content to the flash, including full source.Flash
kernalpatcher-1.0.zipCreate improved and bugfixed kernal.Flash
kernalstarter.prgJust append kernal image to get a loadable kernal.-
dirscan-1.0.prgDisplay detailed directory of files in flash.Flash
dtvpack-0.3.cFlash filesystem compression utility. (src)Flash
dtvpack-0.3.exeFlash filesystem compression utility. (win32)Flash
crc-0.1.cFlash image checksum utility. (src)Flash
dtv2_kernal.txt 0.3Commented disassembly of the C64DTV Kernal.Flash
hummer_kernal.txt 0.1Commented disassembly of the Hummer Kernal.Flash
dtvmon-1.2.zipBoot menu and ML-monitor (RAM and Flash version, including full source)DTVMON
dtvtrans-1.0.zipC64DTV <-> PC transfer software.Transfer Cable
keymatrix.prgTest keyboard and joysticks.Keyboard and Joystick
burstmode.prgEnable fast burstmode in basic.-
displaytest.prgDisplay color test pattern.Color Fix
dtv_detect_v1_0.prgDetect which DTV revision.-
tlr_-_blitter_scroll.prgFun blitter demo. :)-
tlr_-_blitter_scroll_src.zipBlitter demo source code.-
tlr_-_symmetric_overscan.prgVert. scrolling overscan w/o the DTV bugs.-
dtv_speed_load.prgFast disk turbo for the DTV.-

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