Daniel Kahlin: Music/Main Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 09:11 (Stockholm)


I'm involved in several musical projects, some of which are listed here.

I also participate in a mailing list in swedish mostly about analog synthesizer equipment called Svenska Analogsympatisörer (SAS).

Musical friends:

A useful site to look up music, which artists work with whom, and who produced what, etc... is the All Music Guide.

For studio technology have a look at the SOUND ON SOUND magazine pages. They have all articles which are 6 months or older searchable on the www.

There is an interesting site collecting remixes and remakes of songs originally made for the Commodore C64 computer. http://remix.kwed.org/
Worth mentioning are: Tim Forsyth - Agent X 2, The Dead Guys - Crazy Comets (mongo meteor), The 909Sadist - Cauldron II (Besen Mix), among others.