Daniel Kahlin: Links Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 09:34 (Stockholm)

Links to some of my friends:

  • Noir Web Space - Links, tips on what to read, films to see, music, travel and a neat recipe collection
  • Erik Kahlin - My most excellent brother. (actually my only brother)
  • Björn Roth - Contains some rather nice photographs of Stockholm.
  • Andreas Ersson - Has done a couple of great and free VSTi synths.
  • Patrik Wallström - Kool hacker. Actually has a Dalek on top of his TV-set (!)
  • Sara Kahlin - My cousin Sara has a business in Paris selling Swedish design.

Links out of here:



Interactive Fiction

Retro Computing


  • ELAB - _The_ electronic laboratory at KTH.