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MonoKey is a VST Module Architecture 1.0 MIDI plugin that emulates fingered portamento for synths.

Many older synthesizers (for example Roland's Alpha Juno-1/2) only offers a portamento switch to turn portamento on or off. When it is on, all notes will have portamento, even single notes. MonoKey will enable fingered portamento, i.e portamento will only be active for notes that overlap. It does so by selectively sending standard MIDI portamento on/off controller messages. For this to work effectively, your synth should be in monophonic or unison mode.

The only parameter is "portamento" which sets the portamento speed. It can be either "off" or 0-127. If it is "off" portamento speed is left untouched, 0-127 sends portamento speed 0-127 to the synth.

VST Module Architecture is supported in Steinbergs Cubase SX and Nuendo series sequencer software. Just drop the .dll file in the sequencer's Components folder.

Download: monokey-0.0.3.zip (Windows only)


MonoKey 0.0.3 (2004-11-20):
- Displays 'Off' correctly.
- Added an editor window so MonoKey may be edited from the Mixer inserts. (You can bring it up from the inspector by ALT-Clicking the edit button)
MonoKey 0.0.2 (2004-10-13):
- Portamento slider works.
MonoKey 0.0.1 (2004-10-02)
- Initial release.

MonoKey copyright © 2004 Daniel Kahlin <daniel at kahlin dot net>
VST Module Architecture by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
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