Daniel Kahlin: Software/C64DTV Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 08:56 (Stockholm)

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DTVMON/DTVBOOT is a boot menu and machine language monitor for the PAL C64 DTV (DTV2/DTV3) and the Hummer-game.

Features (version 1.0)
  • Boot Menu.
  • the default behaviour on startup is configurable.
  • screen shot function activated by holding '<-' + reset.
  • preserve low-mem activated by holding '1' + reset.
  • an alternate kernal at $1fe000 may be activated by pressing 'K'.
  • the video mode maybe toggled back and forth between PAL/NTSC.
  • exiting to basic without doing new is selectable by pressing 'Q'.
  • the original DTVMENU (or INTRO) can be loaded by holding the right button.
  • dtvtrans included in menu, with support for joystick 1, joystick 2 and the userport.
  • Two versions:
    Flash: Installs in flash at $1F8000-$1FBFFF.
    RAM: Installs as resident in RAM at $018000-$01BFFF.
  • Handles full memory banking (ram and flash).
  • Transfer Long (TL) which transfers full 24-bit address ranges.
  • Additional DTV V2/V3 opcodes.
    SAC #imm ( Set ACcumulator mapping )
    SIR #imm ( Set Index Register mapping )
    BRA rel  ( BRanch Always )
  • Documentation of features and differences. (original HESMON 1.1 documentation: here)
  • PAL version for the PAL C64 DTV.
  • NTSC version for the Hummer Game.
    (probably needs patched kernal (scroll to bottom) for I/O to work correctly)
  • Full source code included.