Daniel Kahlin: Software/Main Sunday, 14 April 2024, 13:39 (Stockholm)


  • ztracker
    A tracker-style MIDI sequencer project for win32 which I have written some code and documentation for.
  • MIDI Plugins
    VST Module Architecture MIDI Plugins.
    A full featured music editor for your Commodore Vic-20 computer.
  • ErsDrums 1.2
    Electronic drum plugin for Buzz 1.2. Programmed by Andreas Ersson. Documentation by Daniel Kahlin. Andreas later made a much improved VSTi version of ErsDrums which you would probably want to use instead.
  • Over5
    Transfer data between your beloved c64/vic20 and an Amiga/Pc/Unix-box.
  • PFML (obsolete)
    Macro preprocessor for html. Also contains useful html writing links. PFML was initially used to create this site, but now it uses PHP instead.