Daniel Kahlin: Software/PFML Tuesday, 23 July 2024, 18:52 (Stockholm)

The PFML processor 0.0.7

Daniel Kahlin <daniel at kahlin dot net>

The purpose of PFML is making it easier to maintain WWW pages. (and for me to learn programming in perl) It has some functionality suited for preprocessing HTML code.
Currently I mostly use this to handle the different <BASE> tags associated with my home and the publish location.

PFML is in no way completed! I am very open to ideas and suggestions. To use PFML you need at least perl 5.003 and GNU make. Download the code for PFML (pfml.tar.gz). This includes the code for these PFML WWW pages as an example.


Unpack the archive into an appropriate directory and edit pfmlrc.pfml to reflect the BASE of your home and your publish location.

In bash build using:
> export PLACE=HOME; gmake clean; gmake all
In csh or tcsh build using:
> setenv PLACE HOME; gmake clean; gmake all

(Note that PLACE defaults to HOME, so setting it has no real point unless its something other than HOME.)


Currently PFML consists of pfml.pl (which is the actual program), and index.pfml, pfmlrc.pfml, linkdefs.pfml and Makefile (which are the source files for these pages.)
Download the PFML distribution (pfml.tar.gz). (Contains all of the above files)

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